The experts always talk about content marketing, but why is it so important?  Do the benefits of a strong content marketing system truly reap as many advantages as you’ve been told? 

The answer is yes! In order to have any sort of success in your business ventures, you need content marketing. It spreads across a wide collection of platforms, extending your reach to thousands of audience members. Marketing stretches past social media and your website. It includes things like gated content, eBooks, and partnerships, among others. 

The best way for you to sink your teeth into the practice is to create a content marketing system. Our company has three pillars that we use as a foundation for our system: strategy, create and amplify. A lot of work and effort goes into all three categories. But once you’ve mapped out your plan, you’ll be equipped with a concrete strategy that brings in more customers and gets your content noticed.

Naturally, all of this takes work. It may take years before the benefits of content marketing become obvious to you. But, we know your curiosity’s burning now. So, we’re here to sum up some awesome things content marketing can provide your business.

Let’s jump in!

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We all want new customers, right? The name of the game with all businesses is to keep their current customers happy and retain new clients. Without content marketing, it’s hard to get the word out about your business, its services, and why you’re a good choice. And without getting the word out, how can you draw in new customers?

Your content should speak for itself, but it won’t. Great content needs equally thought-out content marketing. When you hone in on your target audience, speak their language, and engage with them online, they’re likelier to visit your website. Ad campaigns, guest posting, and social media marketing are just some of the ways to accomplish this. With great content and consistent marketing, you’ll bring more people to you.

2. More Qualified Leads

Now, just getting any old leads isn’t enough. Sure, it’s great to get people interested in your business. But, you probably won’t entice many people outside of your target audience. Why would you want to? It makes much more sense to go after a target market than to throw a few things against the wall and see what sticks.

Qualified leads are potential customers who match your business’ buyer profile. With the right content marketing strategies, you’ll draw in the right kind of business.

3. Inbound Leads

As a quick refresher, let’s cover inbound and outbound leads for your business. Inbound leads are prospective customers interested in your business thanks to content marketing efforts. Outbound leads are prospective customers drawn in from outreach efforts, like email campaigns.

Now, one of the benefits of content marketing is that it skyrockets your inbound leads. That’s a big deal for you! Research shows that inbound traffic is ten times more effective for lead conversion than outbound traffic. A few of the ways you can better your inbound marketing is with:

  • social engagement
  • interlinking
  • content offers
  • high ranking on Google

4. Outshining the Competition

It’s no surprise that competition is everywhere, regardless of niche. Spend some time and research what your competitors are doing. How can you improve on their content? Do you have valuable information to add that wasn’t in their post? Are there any gaping holes that you can fill with your own blog posts?

Putting brilliant content together and sharing it effectively moves you ahead of the competition. You can jump on missed opportunities (such as gaps in content or broken links) and start to see a higher ranking on Google.

5. Reduced Bounce Rates

Amazing content can greatly reduce your website’s bounce rate. For those unfamiliar with the term, a bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors who leave your site after only looking at one page. Obviously, your goal should be to reduce this number as much as you can.

Depending on how good your content is, people won’t shy away from reading your articles. The lower your bounce rate, the happier you’ll be.

6. Thought Leadership

What better way to improve your social standing than to prove you’re a thought-leader in your industry? Customers trust businesses that deliver on their word and have a solid understanding of their problems. 

But that’s not the only perk. The more you write about your given topics, the more your knowledge increases. You’ll be surprised how much you can pick up when researching these different topics. Not to mention, if you have something to offer from first-hand knowledge, that looks even better. You’ve entered the arena with a little fight.

Providing answers and valuable content show customers that you know what you’re talking about. It also nudges them toward your brand because you’re addressing their pain points.

7. Social Leads

It’s always a bit off-putting to see a brand’s social media pages and no followers. It can certainly deter customers from doing business with you. However, one of the best benefits of content marketing is that your social leads can go through the roof.

Social leads come from a variety of means, such as through:

  • social shares
  • comments
  • engagement
  • followers

Over time, with enough content syndication on social media, you’ll see more leads trickle in. Not only does it boost your social standing, but it also gives you customers from your target audience.

8. SEO

Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing your website traffic through organic search results. It should be a no-brainer that content marketing is one of the top ways to ensure more quality page visits. Just like with copywriting, content marketing goes hand-in-hand with SEO.

Tools like Yoast for WordPress can help you optimize your content for SEO. For example, it checks your blog posts to see if they:

These are just a few of the items on its checklist. If you’re green-lit in Yoast, you know your content has a better chance of ranking well with Google and with readers.

  • mention your target keyword enough
  • have a meta-description and proper slug
  • score well on the Flesch scale
  • have enough subheadings and alt-tags
  • contain consecutive sentences beginning with the same word

9. Increased Website Traffic

One of the major benefits of content marketing is higher website volume. As you pump out more content and share it across social channels, your website traffic will increase. You can also get traffic from a higher ranking on Google, which comes from additional content marketing efforts. Things like authority guest posting and tailored partnerships can help drive website traffic, domain authority, and Google ranking. 

10. Brand Authority

You want your customers to trust you. Customers want the peace of mind that you know what you’re doing and talking about. Quality content, solid marketing, and great customer service are some of the ways you can convince clients that you’re trustworthy. 

It’ll take some time, but your business is bound to grow with a bit of elbow grease. The harder (and smarter) you work, the more you’ll indulge in the benefits of content marketing. As those benefits take shape, customers will be more inclined to work with you.

Build a content marketing system, share what you know without ulterior motives, and participate in your niche’s community. When customers see that you’re engaged and honest, they’ll trust you more.

11. Customer Trust

Top-of-the-line content lures in more customers. Why? Simple. If your business provides viewers with valuable content they can apply to their business, they’ll come back for more. The benefits only increase when you promote your work across a variety of channels. Over time, more and more people will start to see you as someone who knows what they’re talking about. They’ll associate you with other experts in the field.

Of course, you need to ensure your content is up to speed before this happens. With extensive research, hard work, and your brand’s voice, you can stand out among the rest.

12. Increase in Social Followers

Social followers are always nice to have on your platforms. Facebook likes and Twitter and Instagram followers add credibility to your business’ pages. They also give you a larger audience to share content and engage with. Social followers also give you a chance to host more contests, polls, or other engaging activities. Participation will obviously be much greater the more people you have to share things with. 

Monitor successful posts on your competitors’ pages to see what you can use as a base. Whichever posts of theirs seem to garner the most traffic are good jumping points.

13. Building an Audience

Building an audience is just one part of content marketing. But, it’s an important part. After all, you can’t get anywhere without a solid following and large audience. 

As your content starts to rank on Google and generate buzz on social media, your business will reap the rewards. Social followers, website views, and loyal customers are just some of the ways you’ll expand your audience. With a larger audience, your domain authority will increase and so will your notoriety.

14. Provides Value With No Ulterior Motives

Customers don’t like feeling like all you want is their money. When you provide them with valuable content at no cost and don’t push for a sale, they’ll appreciate it. A large aim of content marketing is to make sure you build customer relationships and establish your brand as a trustworthy one.

15. Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is when you provide your sales team with the information they need to convert more people into buyers. Basically, you share everything they need to know to sell better. Even if it’s just you doing all the selling, gathering the proper information is still vital. 

Resources for great sales enablement can range. Really, it can be anything from the right tools, content, research, information, or strategies. Developing a sales enablement strategy is the first step. HubSpot put together an awesome resource for how to get the most from your sales team and working with them to close more deals.

16. Strategic Partnerships

One of the coolest benefits of content marketing is that you can work with similar companies in your niche for strategic partnerships. Once your business gains some traction, other companies will take notice. Better ranking, higher DA, and worthwhile content are just some of the ways to get related brands interested in you.

From there, it’s time to cash in on partnerships. You can pair up with other companies to promote each other’s content, host contests or events together, and create marketing campaigns together. You’ll both reap the benefits of your efforts and expose your company to larger audiences.

17. Cost-Effectiveness

Forget spending thousands of dollars on advertisements or content marketers. If you do it right, marketing pays for itself. Not only will it bring in consistent leads, but it also eliminates the need for a huge marketing team. Additionally, you also save money on a sales team later, too, since your content marketing could bring in sales for years.

18. Better ROI

Your return on investment (ROI) can be significant if your marketing efforts are successful. The last thing a new business needs is to dump tons of time and money into methods that yield no results. You don’t need to empty your wallet on social media marketing or guest post opportunities. Once you find which strategies work best for you, your efforts will rake in far more than you spent.

19. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to how well customers can recognize your brand. Company logos and graphics, an unparalleled voice, and superior content are some of the ways you can branch out from the rest. And branch out you must, since no one will buy from you if you fade into the noise of a competitive niche.

How you make your business unique is up to you. The good news is that you can really have fun with how you stand out! A few of the methods you can try are:

  • Authority guest posting. Customers will start to recognize your voice and brand the more you put yourself out there. With a distinct tone, audiences can separate you from other companies.
  • Infographics. Images are a terrific way to make your content specific to your brand. We’re not just talking logos in the corner of the image either. Sit down and think of some ways you can make your infographics pop. What will you add in yours that competitors don’t?
  • Free items. As a new business, that might seem a bit weird. But, if you host an event or seminar, give out freebies to those who attend. Coasters, pens, notebooks, and koozies are cheaper options.

20. Customer Relationships

The more customers you attain through your content marketing efforts, the more relationships you can build. Great customer service allows you to show off how dedicated you are to their satisfaction and experience. 

To improve your relationship, you can do a few different things. For starters, communicate! Engage with them on social media and via email. Answer their questions in a timely fashion and exceed their expectations. 

Another strategy you can try is to encourage feedback. Customers appreciate companies that listen to them and guarantee their voices are heard. To obtain this information, you can ask for feedback in newsletters, polls, or emails. 

Lastly, never forget to keep providing value. When someone buys from you, it’s not time to slow things down. Keep clients satisfied throughout their entire journey with you.

Some of the most impactful benefits of content marketing come from customer relationships. You get their business, sure. But when you go above and beyond for them, they can bring in even more clients through word-of-mouth and reviews.

21. Image Search Traffic

Did you know that content marketing can stretch into Google images? Neil Patel provided a stellar resource on how you can get your images to rank and why it’s so important. According to Patel, you can do a few things to get your photos to rank:


    • edit your image titles
    • fix your alt-tags
  • compress your images
  • make original photos

22. Increased Online Presence

An online presence in today’s day and age is a necessity. A large part of content marketing is promoting your work on social media, engaging with customers, and starting campaigns. 

The more you promote your content, the more people will see an online presence. Join a few communities, participate in conversations online, and make an effort to have your voice heard. If your content proves valuable enough to customers, don’t be surprised to see more leads come through the pipeline. Plus, you’ll boost your social media followers, which also means a larger audience for you.

23. Consistent Sales

Evergreen content can keep customers glued to your site for years. Hundreds of successful websites have content on their site that still ranks highly in Google even though it’s time stamped from years ago. But, when you have awesome content, that’s what happens. When conducting your keyword research, it’s important to keep evergreen content in mind so you’ll prove beneficial for customers years from now, too.

24. Target-Specific Audiences

You can cast a net into the sea and wait for fish to come, sure. But, why do that? Just about anyone could stumble onto your business, but if they’re not in your target audience, they have no reason to really buy anything from you. One of the benefits of content marketing is that you can hone in on a target market and attract the right people.

25. Customer Education

Your content should aim to educate customers. A lot of the time, content on company websites are chock full of jargon and complicated terms. You can tell they were written by people who know what they’re doing, but not necessarily how to explain it. 

Your blog and social media content need to help your customers along their journey. Whether they’re trying to get new customers, raise profits, or improve their outreach, customers are coming to you for answers. Your content needs to address questions and provide insightful solutions. With valuable posts, you let readers know your expertise and help them better their own.

26. Faster Lead Conversion

Okay, so customers don’t like being pitched too in an obvious way. But, one of the top benefits of content marketing is that it converts customers without off-putting strategies. Sometimes, site visitors need a little nudge in the right direction. So, proper content marketing can entice customers to finally hit that “buy” button.

27. Industry Influence

Content marketing can make you stand tall over your competition. You can cash in on missed opportunities, but you can also make a name for yourself in the industry. As more potential customers see your name pop up, you could convert them with your content and marketing efforts. Some industries are in dire need of fresh blood, too.

28. Increased Newsletter Subscribers

Newsletters are a terrific tool to keep customers in the loop on company news. You’ll be able to share new content, contests and giveaway news, and upcoming events. 

You can obtain newsletter subscribers in a few different ways. For example, gated content (eBooks, downloadable content) can help you get information on customers and their business. However, it can also capture new subscribers. If you set up an email drip campaign, you further your content marketing efforts. As soon as someone downloads gated content, you can send them an email thanking them and providing them with even more content.

29. Training Resources

If your content is good enough (and evergreen), it may get used as a training resource. As we’re sure you’ve seen on other websites, the bigger guys are often quoted in articles. Do you need content marketing advice? Guaranteed you’ll find Neil Patel’s articles cited somewhere. Looking for the best marketing podcasts? Duct Tape Marketing and Content Marketing Institute are more than likely on someone’s list.

Our point is that once you start to make a name for yourself and keep providing great content, you may become one of those training resources. Websites could potentially share your stuff as an awesome resource, earning oodles of site visits and backlinks.

30. Brand Affinity

Brand affinity is another piece of information you can use to better your sales. It’s a metric that predicts how a customer will behave, thereby providing you with in-depth insight into their mindset. Let customers know who you are, why you’re the better option, and all the ways you go above and beyond. The better your brand affinity, the better your sales and consumer relationships in the future.


The benefits of content marketing are ripe for the plucking. They come in a multitude of ways and can serve your business for years. Whether you start a successful social media campaign or team up with an influencer, your business is bound to sore in your niche!